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This year is drawing to a close in a very different way from how we celebrated the new year in !
I do hope you have all managed to have an enjoyable summer and stayed safe!

Important information

Dear members.
The Arts Society Gibraltar’s next lecture, Fake & Fortune, Or have I discovered a Constable on my Attic, is to be held on Zoom  on Wednesday, 20 th January 2021
The lecture is available free to all paid up members of our Society and the link will be automatically sent nearer the time.
Guests who wish to enjoy the lecture need to pay £12 to the below account and once payment is made please email janehart46@hotmail.com and the link will be sent.
Bank details:
Gibraltar International Bank
The Arts Society Gibraltar 14190001
Sort Code 60-83-14/SWIFT GIBK GIGI
Should any guest wish to join The Arts Society Gibraltar after they have watched the Zoom lecture the £12 paid for this lecture will be taken into account and only the balance of our £65 membership fee will be due.
There is availability for 6 more members to join us at the Garrison Library on the 18th to watch the Zoom on a big screen, if you wish to join us please let Jane know.
We hope you enjoy the talk.

Hello Members and Fellow Art Lovers

The mission of the organisation is to promote, encourage and foster the arts and cultural activities in Gibraltar and to export our culture abroad.


Fake & Fortune
Or have I discovered a Constable in my attic
An Illustrated Talk by Sarah Cove
20 January 2021
Please note this illustrated talk is only available via Zoom but 
16 members may watch on a big screen at the Garrison Library. 

Sarah Cove ACR founded the Constable Research Project in conjunction with the V&A Museum in 1986 to study John Constable RA’s materials and techniques from the technical and scientific point of view. Since then she has examined over 250 works from collections worldwide, from tiny oil sketches on fragments of canvas, paper supports and boards to the ‘six-footers’, some of Constable’s most famous and iconic paintings including The Haywain (1821), The Leaping Horse (1825) and Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (1831). She has developed a technical chronology that assists with the dating of his known works, relatively few of which were signed and dated by the artist, and is also useful for the attribution (or not) of newly discovered pictures. 

Sarah Cove has been instrumental in the attribution of three significant Constable oils for BBC1’s Fake or Fortune? series, appearing in 2014 and 2017. In 2014 she set up a Facebook page that is hugely successful in raising awareness of her research so that now she is regularly contacted by people that think they have found a previously unknown Constable!! Some have, some have not, as you will see in this lecture which gives a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how such decisions are made and will describe some extraordinary successes but also crashing disappointments. Stories will include, at opposite extremes, a hugely publicised oil sketch reputedly worth £250,000 that turned out to be a copy and the chance discovery of a fabulous, almost abstract, oil study of the 1830s that had formerly belonged to an American G.I.


As previously announced, we will be be holding live hour-long digital lectures for Members and Supporters, from September to December.
The series will be called Lectures at Home, following on from the short films that have recently been featured on the Connected site.

These lectures will be full length (one hour long) and broadcast on The Arts Society’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/c/theartssociety). They will only be available to watch live, at the advertised time.

To avoid clashes with Society programmes we have selected Accredited Lecturers who are new to the Directory, and to avoid clashes with Society events the lectures will take place on Friday lunchtimes.

18 DECEMBER 2020, 1PM

Exhibition History: The history of Great Exhibitions, Expos and World’s Fairs, 1851 to Present, the British Contribution

Full lecture descriptions and biographies can be found at: theartssociety.org/lectures-at-home


  • There is no special link to watch the films. Members simply need to go to The Arts Society’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/c/theartssociety) at the advertised time.
  • The talks will take place live. There will only be one chance to view them. We are not able to repeat them.
  • After the lecture Members may leave comments in the forum at connected.theartssociety.org/forum
  • Members may share the details with family and friends; this is an opportunity for Member recruitment as well as retention.
  • If technology lets us down on the day, we’ll reschedule.