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Hello Members and Fellow Art Lovers

The mission of the organisation is to promote, encourage and foster the arts and cultural activities in Gibraltar and to export our culture abroad.

What a year it has been!

March 2020 to March 2021 , we all will have our stories to tell how we fared in lockdown, how we coped without seeing family members, how we managed without hugs and kisses from our loved ones. The isolation, the lack of human contact, everyone of us has been affected.
We at the Gibraltar Arts Society tried to carry on regardless, “carry on and keep our love of art “!
The first few months, March, April and May 2020 were the most difficult, no lectures, no one had got their heads around zoom at that time, we carried on having our committee meeting via messenger and WhatsApp, finding ways to keep members stimulated and amused during lock down.
The main office of The Arts Society provided lovely intervals of short informative talks that could be seen on line.
We had hoped by October, the beginning of our new season that things would be more or less back to normal, but alas the worst was still to come!
We managed for one lecturer to come from Paris to talk to us using a hybrid zoom meeting, with social distancing restrictions and meetings not allowed at the Garrison Library, the Dean of the Holy Trinity allowed us to use his Cathedral with the restriction of only 16 people present, we attempted to carry out the lecture and zoom it to members who couldn’t attend, less said about that attempt the better! At least we tried !
After that, travel restrictions made it impossible for our lecturers to visit Gibraltar, so we bought ourselves a zoom license and offered all our members the scheduled talks via zoom.
Christmas period the pandemic gripped Gibraltar as we went into second lockdown, our meetings which were briefly held at the Library with limited numbers were curtailed and even committee meetings were via zoom.
Secretary Elenor and Chairman Jane, met up with our sister society De la Frontera chairman to pitch our thoughts for both clubs and the way forward.
Membership of all societies have fallen due to the pandemic.
We are now able to have unlimited numbers at the Garrison Library for our talks and what a joy it was to meet up with a glass of wine with like minded friends.
We are looking forward to our next season, hopefully no more zoom and our friendly society back in action, doing what we like best, appreciating and learning and enjoying each other’s company.
Your committee
The Arts Society Gibraltar


Last night 5th May the Arts Society hosted a Sherry tasting evening at the Garrison Library gardens with Alex Martin. See News for full review and pictures

The Arts Society Gibraltar's next lecture,
Now You See It, Now You Don't, the art of visual deception
will be held on  Wednesday 19 May 2021

This lecture is very generously sponsored by KPMG, who are always very supportive towards our society. We are extremely grateful to them.
The lecture is available free to all paid up members of our Society 
Guests who wish to enjoy the lecture need to pay £12 to the below account and once payment is made please email janehart46@hotmail.com and the link will be sent.
Bank details:
Gibraltar International Bank
The Arts Society Gibraltar 14190001
Sort Code 60-83-14/SWIFT GIBK GIGI
Should any guest wish to join The Arts Society Gibraltar after they have watched the Zoom lecture the £12 paid for this lecture will be taken into account and only the balance of our £65 membership fee will be due.
We hope you enjoy the talk.


Now You See It, Now You Don’t. The art of Visual Deception
An Illustrated Talk by Bertie Pearce
19 May 2021
At the Garrison Library or available via Zoom. 

May 2021 poster

This is one of the quirkiest lectures you will ever hear  There is a universal delight in being deceived and in this lecture Bertie Pearce takes his audience on a whistle stop tour of art which fools, surprises and amuses the viewer. Beginning and ending with the Belgian surrealist, René Magritte, it encompasses Trompe L’eoil, Banksy, Bridget Riley, Arcimboldo and Escher to name a few. Hold on to your seats and get ready to be visually fried.

Pearce Bertie has a BA (Hons) in Drama from Manchester University, and a Diploma Internationale from the École Internationale du Théatre, Jacques Lecoq. A member of the Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star. Past experience includes lecturing and performing on cruise ships, and to U3A, historical societies, festivals, schools and colleges. In addition, has toured the world with a magic cabaret show and a one man show entitled All Aboard. Has written articles for newspapers and magazines on entertainment and theatre.