Review 2021/22 Season

Our last talk of the year  had a festive theme, with mulled wine and mince pies

The Antiques Roadshow. Behind the Scenes and the Great Discoveries

Marc Allum’s wonderful talk on BBC’s award winning Antiques Road Show, behind the scenes and the show’s most amazing finds was kindly sponsored by Sovereign Gibraltar.

The evening started with Sophie Blake from Sovereign telling us about their charity Sovereign Foundation that rescues Asian children from working on the streets , this charity headed by Howard Bilton , the founder of Sovereign uses art to raise money to help save these children, the children when taken into care are given art classes, art being one of the best therapies for traumatised children.
Howard Bilton also owns a vineyard in Portugal run by David Baverstock, their profits go towards the charity , so David came to tell us how the wine is made and brought some along to taste, it was delicious. David has 40 years experience growing grapes for wine and has twice won winegrower of the year award.
This Talk was kindly sponsored by Sovereign 
David telling us all about his vineyard and wines
Fantastic wine tasting
David telling us about each wine as we tasted them
A fantastic talk by Marc Allum from the Antiques Road Show

Hogarth: Harlots, Rakes and Crashing China

An excellent talk was given on Wednesday 16th February by Lars Tharp famous for his appearances on BBC Antiques Road Show.

To a full capacity audience  he spoke of Hogarth’s art and particularly the inclusion of pottery and china objects in the paintings. Both informative and amusing, much enjoyed by everyone there.

Our thanks go to our sponsor for that evening Church & Co who generously hosted a dinner for the speakers and guests following the talk.  

I got the Dust Bowl Blues

Last night 19th January we had an excellent talk from John Francis entitled I Got the Dust Bowl Blues. How people in middle America suffered during the 1930 depression, and how their art and music helped in making it more palatable.
Stark contrast between the starving and the all good American family the portrait the country wanted to promote.
The meeting was very well attended with 40 guests and members.
The talk was kindly sponsored by  

The Queen of Instruments: The lute within old Master Paintings

Our last lecture in 2021 0n the 8 December.
Getting in the festive mood, we began our evening with mulled wine and mince pies, followed by an outstanding lecture from Adam Busiakiewicz and his lute. His lute is so precious and delicate he books it a separate seat when flying.
It was so fabulous to have yet another live lecture, the music from Adam’s lute was heavenly.
He said the acoustics in the Garrison Library were the best that he had ever played in, we all enjoyed the treat of his beauty pure music.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members and supporters
This talk was kindly sponsors by 

Barcelona 1900: Culmination of Creativity in Art

Wonderful to have a live lecture at last, a wonderful talk on Art in Barcelona circa 1900, given by Dr Helen Sijsling.
This talk was kindly sponsors by 
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