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Our 2023/24 Season

I can’t believe our 23/24 season, has come to an end.
And we all agree that we have had some outstanding speakers and subjects this season, May I make a grateful thanks to our sponsors without whom our talks would not be possible. Look forward to next season starting October for some more marvelous and interesting topics to be divulged.
We have kept our subscription the same as last year and if you pay before October you get an early bird discount on £5.00 , £65.00 instead of £70.00 and £125.00 for a couple instead of £130.00. Still really good value for money.
Our raffle this week was a wonderful donation from Knights Bridge, two tickets to the Michael McIntire show, won by Kirsten Crawford.
We had an extra lecture given by John Ericsson, an officiado on Art inspired by wine, it was an inspiring talk , from when wine was ever included in a piece of art work, to corkscrews, bottles, labels and glass shapes, we all felt we had really learnt something from the talk.
Our special thanks to Knightsbridge for sponsoring this talk
Thank you Chris and Jennifer from the Garrison Library who give us so much help and support and the use of these beautiful surroundings. Simon who spoke to us earlier this month on Oscar Wild said it was the most beautiful place he had ever given a lecture in and that we were the most delightful and friendly group he has ever talked too, but we already knew that!
Following on from our talk we had waiting in the garden a selection of tapas, served with the most delicious sherries supplied by Saccone and Speed and we had the ever knowledgeable Alex Martin to explain the Sherry making process.
Looking forward to seeing you in October the start of our new season!

Our 2024/25 SEASON BEGINS ON 16th October

antrums and Tiaras

An illustrated lecture
by Nigel Bates
Wednesday 16 October 2024 at 7.30pm
At the Garrison Library

Details coming soon