Review 2020/21 Season

Our penultimate talk of the season was A Brief Story of Wine, plus an additional talk on English towns in the 18th century 

A Brief Story of Wine plus English Towns in the 18th century

We had two excellent talks in April, our profound thanks to Church &Co for sponsoring our extra lecture, English Towns in the 18th century by Caroline Knight on 7th April.
This I hope will be the last talk given on zoom with no meeting up at the Library.
Caroline gave a very informative talk on what it was like to live in the 18th century with excellent images of life in those times, the opinion was that the talk was excellent.
On April 21st we had a talk by David Wright on the brief history of wine, we were delighted that we could meet up at the Library once again and socialise and enjoy a glass of wine and some tapas in the garden before the talk.
Sadly due to travel restrictions our lecturer could not be with us in person and we watched the talk via zoom, approximately 20 people were at the library and a further 8 joined us from their link at home. Everyone enjoyed the talk and the opinion was it was excellent. Thank you to Belilos for sponsoring this talk.
Our next meeting at the Library on May 5th , no zoom this time, an actual meeting with Gibraltar’s own wine man Alex Martin, guiding us through the Sherry making process with Sherry tasting and tapas from The Cellar. This event is free to members £15.00 to guests .

Cleopatra, the Most Womanly of Women and the Most Queenly of Queens

Our wonderful lecture on Cleopatra, the most womanly of women and the most queenly of queens given last Wednesday 17th of March, was very well received.
Every month we rate our lecturer on the quality of their talk, we have always done this voting by your committee, but for March we thought it would be helpful to ask those of our society who watched the lecture to vote on the lecture as well, thank you to all of you who participated, it really helps us to gauge what topics you like for future engagement of lecturers. So you will be asked again to participate for future talks.
Approximately 25 people watched the Cleopatra talk and the average rating was very good.
We have an extra treat for you on April 5th when we have a lecture added to our program English Towns in the 18th century: Society and Architecture.
Members will be sent a zoom link before the date.
We are hoping with fingers crossed that the easing of Covid restrictions in Gibraltar will mean we can meet up again at the Garrison Library, we are literally waiting for our green light!

Silk Road and the Sea

February’s lecture given by Anne Haworth on the Silk Road and the Sea, was most interesting and informative, Anne managed to take us on a 4,000 mile journey in 70 minutes, quite phenomenal and beautifully illustrated.Your committee voted it exceptional.

Our thanks to the Seruya family for their generous sponsorship.
If you would like to express your opinion on our lectures please contact us on email : gibraltar

We rate them : Outstanding. Excellent . Very good, good and poor. We would love to have your input.

Fakes and Fortunes, or have I discovered a Constable in my attic

Sarah Cove, gave us an interesting and enlightening lecture on spotting fake Constable paintings, her knowledge of John Constable and his techniques were amazing. 
Sarah has carried out substantial contextual research into the painting methods and materials of Constable’s predecessors and contemporaries using documentary sources and artists’ handbooks and manuals. She works closely with institutions, conservation colleagues and independent scholars specialising in 19th c. British art, notably former Tate Constable curator, Anne Lyles. She regularly assists galleries, salerooms, dealers and private collectors with cataloguing and questions of attribution.

The Material Culture of Al Andalus

A very big thank you to Ian Cockburn on giving us such an interesting and comprehensive talk on the history of Al Andalus , his art work of that period made it all the more fascinating.
It gives us inspiration to visit or revisit all these historical buildings on our doorstep once we can travel again.
Grateful thanks to our sponsors Church & Co , who give tremendous support to our society.
Our next lecture on January 20th is given by Sarah Cove, the subject being Fakes and Fortunes , or have I discovered a Constable in my attic ? This talk is generously sponsored by Sovereign.
Unfortunately at present we can only see the talk by Zoom, all payed up members will automatically receive an invitation to the Zoom, guests can join us by paying a £12.00 fee.
We are allowed 16 persons to attend the meeting at the Garrison Library, please email me or message me if you want to join us at the Library where we can see the lecture projected onto the large screen. If you want to join us the places get quickly filled to don’t delay in your request.
Those of you who prefer to watch from home , please make sure you turn your camera off and mute your sound.
I will give you more details of the next lecture in another post.
Jane Hart Simmons

Where there is a will there is a way!

Our lecture last Wednesday with our speaker Ian Swankie telling us all about famous railway stations in the UK and around the world was a tremendous success.
I have so many people to thank for making this occasion so successful, anything you need to do that is not the normal can produce problems, we just have to accept that we have to do things a different way for the time being and make the best of it.
Firstly my thanks go to Jennifer and her staff at the Garrison Library for allowing us to hold our meeting of 16 members last Wednesday, observing social distancing regulations it is a treat for like minded people to gather together. It is so important for us to keep the pleasure and education of Art alive.
My thanks to David Bowerman from de la frontera Art Society for hosting our Zoom meeting, so that members who could not join us at the Library to watch the Zoom on the big screen could watch in the comfort of their homes. This takes quite a bit of organising, we are very grateful to David and to our lecturer Ian, for providing a first class lecture.
Our small group of 16 then went for a meal at the nearby Moroccan restaurant, and a very pleasurable evening was had by all.
I would like to remind you all that we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary on Friday 27th, so please raise your glasses to toast us to another ten successful years.
We plan to hold our next lecture on December 9th in the same manner, those who wish to join us at the Library please book via or WhatsApp 56001830.
The lecture given by Ian Cockburn is entitled The material culture of Al-Andalus, a subject I know will be of most interest. This lecture is sponsored by Church and Co, to whom we are most extremely thankful.
Our lecture on Wednesday 21st October was an absolute first. Deborah Jenner who lives in Paris and flew into Malaga the day before our lecture  spoke to us on the life and works of Georgia O’Keffee, an iconic American woman who paved the way for female artists. 
For a first we held the lecture in the Holy Trinity Cathedral so we could safely socially distance. Our very grateful thanks to Dean Ian Tennant for the use of the Cathedral and his patience and help with technical problems.
For the first time we held two lectures in one day as we were only allowed 20 people in one meeting we gave 40 members the chance to see the lecture.
Another first was that we held a Zoom meeting at our first meeting of the day so the members of our sister society De la Frontera could see the lecture live as they were unable to host a live meeting.
Everyone who attended the meeting in Gibraltar enjoyed the pleasure of being in a live lecture, so refreshing after months of just watching a television screen. The zoom was also enjoyed by those who watched it, so all in all it was successful.
I feel it so important that we keep our society alive during these difficult times, Art is such an important part of our lives. So we shall continue to work positively to actually bring our speakers to Gibraltar to perform live, the pleasure of gathering with like minded people to enjoy the arts is without parallel. We obviously will always comply with our health advice and restrictions.
Our November lecturer does not wish to travel by air from UK and we understand and respect his wishes, so we will Zoom this talk, but also show the zoom on a big screen at the Garrison Library for the allowed 16 people, so those who wish can enjoy the lecture with like minded individuals.
The Zoom streamed lectures will only be available to paid up members.